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63094 Omega Single Contact / Panini Grill

63094 Omega Single Contact / Panini Grill

This heavy duty professional electric small single 1.8Kw contact grill brings incredible value for money to all caterers, whatever the type of establishment you have. It is designed to give outstanding performance day after day in all circumstances. An ideal machine to cook all types of food in establishments such as restaurants, bakers, butchers, deli shops , catering trailers etc . This heavy duty machine with a ridged top heating plate and flat bottom plate brings strong robust reliability to the UK market at affordable prices.External dimensions: (h) 210 x (w) 305 x (d) 400 mm /Upper Grill: (w) 214 x (d) 214 mm Lower Grill: (w) 218 x (d) 230 mm/Supplied with Uk plug.

Our Price:  £108.25
(£129.90 Inc. VAT)

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