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CE895 EazyZap Pest Killer

CE895 EazyZap Pest Killer

Eazyzap Pest Killer 36W | | The Eazyzap Pest Killer features two 18 Watt ultraviolet tubes that attract and kill unwanted pests in a 150 metres squared area, catching them in a removable storage tray for easy disposal. Pest killers are essential for maintaining hygiene in areas such as kitchens, public spaces and food preparation areas. | 150mē coverage | Removable catchment tray | Free-standing or ceiling mounted | Ideal for use at front or back of house | 150mē coverage | Dimensions 313(H) x 663(W) x 106(D)mm | Power Type 43W | Voltage 230V | Weight 4.85kg | Plug fitted Yes | Height 313 | Width 663

Our Price:  £75.64
(£90.77 Inc. VAT)

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