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GF454 Buffalo Pie Cabinet 30 Pies

GF454 Buffalo Pie Cabinet 30 Pies

Buffalo Pie Cabinet 30 Pies | | Attractive stainless steel countertop 30 pie cabinets/ warmers which provide great value. Hygienic and easy to clean with glass sliding doors for easy access. Internal lamp and water pan to create humidity which prevents food drying out. Three removable shelves. | Stainless steel. | Glass sliding doors. | Thermostat control. | Internal light. | 3 removable shelves. | Dimensions 500(h)x 595(w)x 390(d)mm. | Fuel Type Plug | Output 400W. 1.7A. | Temperature Range 30°C to 90°C | Voltage 230V. | Warranty 2 years | Weight 15kg. | Plug fitted Yes | Featured Product Special Offers | Height 433 | Width 471

Our Price:  £248.47
(£298.16 Inc. VAT)

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