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GL281 Vogue Mop Sink - Mop Sink

GL281 Vogue Mop Sink - Mop Sink

Vogue Mop Sink | | This mop or bucket sink features a large bowl making it perfect for large buckets. It comes with a removable bucket rest and a 100mm upstand to protect against any spills. With dimensions of 500mm wide and 500mm deep, this unit is incredibly compact making it perfect for fitting into even the tightest spaces, with a convenient height of 450mm. | Adjustable feet for uneven floors, complete with waste kit | Bowl size 400x400x250(h)mm | Height including splashback 550mm | Dimensions 450/550(H) x 500(W) x 500(D)mm | Material Stainless Steel | Weight 11.5kg | Featured Product New | Height 450 | Width 500

Our Price:  £241.46
(£289.75 Inc. VAT)

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