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S380 Olympia Bead Cutlery Sample Set

S380 Olympia Bead Cutlery Sample Set

Olympia Bead Cutlery Sample Set | | Olympia's Bead cutlery is instantly recognisable and is widely used around the world. The simple yet ornate design is perfectly suited to any establishment that takes pride in the homemade food they serve, or simply for anywhere that wants a little more than just plain cutlery. In this sample set, you will receive one table knife, one table fork and one dessert spoon, helping to take the guess work out of deciding which cutlery will best suit your table setting. | High polish finish | Beaded border on handle | Cutlery Grade 18/0 | Cutlery Pattern Bead | Cutlery Type Sample Sets | Dimensions 225 / 200 / 185mm | Material 18/0 Stainless steel | Type Sample Set

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