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  Customer Contact Centre

   8:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday

   9:00am to 1:00pm Saturday

   NEW SALES ENQUIRIES:                    0117 256 5475  Option 1
   Pre-Sales Technical Support and Advice: Phone: Select Option 1

AFTER SALES SUPPORT:                  Please Email us
   Delivery or Product problems:                  Email:
(Email your order details and a summary of the problem and we will respond quickly)
   Other after sales support and advice:      Phone: 0117 256 5475 Option 2

   ACCOUNTS ENQUIRIES:                  0117 256 5475  Option 3
   Invoice queries and problems:                Phone: Select Option 3

   ALL OTHER ENQUIRIES:                  0117 256 5475  Option 4
                                                                        Phone: Select Option 4

24 HOUR FAX LINE:                          08714 334960
    Fax your orders and enquiries at any time and we will respond back to you


    Website Development Enquiries:
    For website design and SEO development please contact us directly at


    Catering Equipment Distributors
    Brilor House
    Bristol  BS37 7RZ
    Registered in England No: 4521421
    VAT No GB 800 4534 72

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