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CP171 Olympia Kiln Medium Platter Ocean 300mm

CP171 Olympia Kiln Medium Platter Ocean 300mm

Make the atmosphere come alive by serving sharing dishes. A few sharing plates dotted around a large table can work wonders with encouraging interaction and breaking the ice. Your customers will pass around your homemade food as the sound of chatter and laughter will fill your establishment. And don't worry; the plates are covered by a lifetime edge chip warranty. So if the worst was to happen and the rims get damaged in all the excitement, then they will be replaced for free. | Dimensions25(H) x 295(W) x 140(D) mm | MaterialPorcelain | Weight620g | Finished with a reactive glaze | The rims are hand painted | Each piece has a unique finish | Dishwasher safe | Non-porous |

Our Price:  £38.59
(£46.31 Inc. VAT)

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