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CP953 Olympia Kiln Large Platter Bark 335mm

CP953 Olympia Kiln Large Platter Bark 335mm

Food should be shared. A sharing dish is almost certainly going to liven the atmosphere of any bar or restaurant. Trying a little of a variety of things encourages interaction and laughter and creates a welcoming environment. The rustic, dark and speckled surface of the platters is somewhat of a chance occurrence that happens within the kiln. The glaze used reacts with the naturally occurring minerals within the clay, creating an irregular finish that will complement any fresh, seasonal homemade food. | Dimensions30(H) x 335(W) x 175(D) mm | MaterialPorcelain | Weight900g | Finished with a reactive glaze | The rims are hand painted | Each piece has a unique finish | Dishwasher safe | Non-porous |

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