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GM513 Olympia Enamel Soup Plate 245mm - 9 1/2() (Pack Qty 6)

GM513 Olympia Enamel Soup Plate 245mm - 9 1/2() (Pack Qty 6)

Olympia Enamel Soup Plate 245mm | | Let chips and imperfections become a positive, enhancing the appearance of these soup plates. The more these plates are used and cooked with, the more character they will take on. Crafted from heavy duty stainless steel and coated with an ultra-durable, fused-glass coating, these blue and white enamel soup plates from Olympia offer a truly unique addition to your table setting. The coating on these soup plates is heat and chemical resistant, meaning they are safe for use in the oven and can be washed in the dishwasher. | The classic retro blue and white enamel | item will acquire its own character with repeated use | Chips and imperfections are part of products' individual look | Fused-glass coating | Chemical and heat resistant | Dishwasher Safe | Box quantity 6 | Crockery Type Plates | Dimensions 245()mm / 9 1/2'' | Material Enamel steel | By Colour White | Featured Product New

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