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GT923 Royal Porcelain Maxadura Noodle Bowl 70mm

GT923 Royal Porcelain Maxadura Noodle Bowl 70mm

With its built in chopstick rest, this bowl is perfect for any restaurant that serves Asian style cuisine. The porcelain used to make the bowl has been enriched with Aluminium Oxide so it can be made thinner than regular porcelain without losing any of its strength; in fact, Maxadura porcelain is stronger than standard porcelain even though it' s thinner. Another benefit of making the porcelain thinner is that it' s lighter than regular porcelain, making it perfect for this bowl that has been designed to be picked up and handled by your customers. | Dimensions54(H) x 70()mm | MaterialPorcelain | Weight80 g | Perfect for any restaurant serving Asian style cuisine | Manufactured with aluminium so it is strong and resistant to chipping | Timeless design that will impress your customers | Glaze minimises marking when stacked | Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe | Chopstick rest built in |

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