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DF173 Olympia Mineral Square Plate 265mm

DF173 Olympia Mineral Square Plate 265mm

Clean, straight edges and a textured finish are used to create a canvas that will excite and inspire any chef that' s passionate about plating. No matter what style your food is, the soft grey backdrop will exaggerate colour tones and leave your guests delightfully impressed. Blend with other pieces from the Mineral collection for a truly earthy feel at the table. | Dimensions25(H) x 265(W) x 265(D)mm | MaterialPorcelain | Weight1.13 kg | Clean straight edges for beautiful food presentation | Furnace reacted glaze | Ideal for personal portions or an array of sharing dishes | Blend with other Mineral pieces for an earthy feel at the table | Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe |

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